• InSocial Survey

    InSocial Survey

    InSocial gives it customers a full package of customer experience software. One of these tools is […]

  • InSocial.eu website

    InSocial.eu website

    During my time as UX designer at InSocial the website has been through multiple redesigns. Currently […]

  • Apple watch

    Apple watch

    Illustration of applewatch

  • The Rocketeer

    The Rocketeer

    One of my favorite movies!

  • Cafe racer

    Cafe racer

    I’ve always been a fan of the cafe racer style of motorcycles. thats why i drew […]

  • Square Buttons

    Square Buttons

    With all the different kind of buttons out there, i wanted to make some as well. The idea was to use square as a starting point and work from there. As from a interaction point of view they also had to work. When the button is off, you have to be able to spot that in an instance. The same goes for when the button is on. The change in color and the text shows its status.

    This project was for advancing my design capabilities

  • Scroll


    When i used the fling-to-scroll function on the iphone 3g for the first time, I really like how it worked. I created the scrollbar to see how it was made and later to create my own version of it. I played with the size and the screen with this as the result. It isn’t a lot different then the original but it still was interesting to create.

    This project was for advancing my design capabilities

  • Mask


    This is a personal project that I made for decoration purposes. I wanted to make my version of different kinds of masks. First I made a few rough sketches on paper with little detail. When that was done I traced them in illustrator and added some detail. the initial idea was to print them out in different colours but I ended up with black on white which looked much sleeker. Currently they are watching me do my thing in the kitchen.

  • Volume Control

    Volume Control

    As I’m trying to improve on my ui designs, this was made as a fun way to control volume. Even though this control is not the best from a usability standpoint. But sometimes we just wanna make beautiful things.

    This project was for advancing my design capabilities

  • iMac


    I’m a big fan of apple products, and I really like how they make their advertisement. Apple’s product pictures are always tweaked to perfection. I took a picture of there website and started to recreate it by simply tracing shapes and working with the blending options and later adding shades. A Lot of time was spent in making the keyboard. First I couldn’t get the keys right. a lot of time went into making them look good. This image was created for personal improvement.

  • Paper Plane

    Paper Plane

    Browisng through dribbble.com I came across some work from the designer who had made the sparrow paper plane. I recreated the Sparrow icon but i wassn’t satisfied. I had to make my own version of the plane, and this is what i created with Sparrow in the back of my mind.

    This project was for advancing my design capabilities

  • Volume Slider

    Volume Slider

    This volume slider was created from a color template that i found. The colors are soft and match well with the grey. The slider itself is used to control the volume. on the right you find the display witch also tell you what the volume level is. I created the right display because it is compact and it is easy to add in a design without using to much space. The slider itself can fot instance fade out after use and the display can stay.

    This project was for advancing my design capabilities