Hi! I'm Pim Luiten

I'm a UX Designer currently working at insocial.nl

Main Focus

• UX Design• UI Design• Wireframing & Prototyping• Visual Design

Other skills

• Brand Design• Graphic Design• Video editing

About me

At Insocial my main focus is UX Design. Creating a taylored experience to fit the users needs and seeing the effects is what motivates me the most. Two years ago we started the journey of rebuilding all of Insocials applications. During this process i created the design system, worked together with internal and external stakeholders to translate their wishes to features and as a result designed a customer application that can be scaled up when new features will be added in the future. In addition to UX i'm also responsible for creating and maintaining Insocials visual brand.

Spending time with my family, riding my motorcycle and bouldering take up a big chunk of my free time.

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